How Phonepe Earn Money ?

How PhonePe Earn Money | PhonePe Business & Revenue Model

In this blog, I will tell you in detail about how PhonePe earn money.

PhonePe is an Indian e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company.

It started in December 2015 by Sameer Nigam, Rahul Chari, and Burzin Engineer.

PhonePe is India’s first Unified Payments Interface (UPI) app.

This app is available in 11 languages.

By PhonePe, users can send and receive money, DTH, recharge mobile, data cards,
make utility payments, buy gold and shop online and offline,

And users can also book ola, Oyo rooms, movie tickets and also order food,
buy flight tickets etc.

This app is going to bring a new option soon so that users
can bid in the IPO [ Initial Public Offering ].

More than 50 lakh merchants use PhonePe to take payment from customers.

This app has 100 million users.

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how PhonePe earn money?

I have divided the Business model of PhonePe into 7 categories. This business model is almost the same as Paytm Business Model

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1. Mobile Recharges.
2. Bill Payment
3. Apps
4. Gift Vouchers.
5. Digital Gold
6. Mutual Fund
7. UPI Transaction

PhonePe Business Model  – How PhonePe Earn Money

1. Mobile Recharges – you will know that you can also recharge mobiles from PhonePe,
then finally it comes to know how PhonePe earns money from Mobile Recharges?

So whenever you recharge on an operator,
they get a commission on every recharge by that operator.

This is the main revenue model of PhonePe.

2. Bill Payments – So when you pay any bill from PhonePe like postpaid bill, landline bill, etc.
then they get commission on every bill payment by the company of which you pay the bill.

3. Apps – So if you use PhonePe, then you will know that there is a section of APPS on PhonePe and in the section of this APPS, you get to see all the apps like Olacabs, Dominos, Growfers,OYO Rooms, Myntra, etc. whenever With these apps,

if you book something on this apps through PhonePe,
then they get a commission through these apps.

4. Gift Vouchers – So you will know that through PhonePe you can buy gift vouchers
of all the apps like Freecharge, Oxygen Wallet, Jio Money, Airtel Money, etc.

Now it comes to know, how does PhonePe earn money from it?

So they take a commission on every gift voucher sold.

5. Digital Gold – So you will know that you can also buy gold from PhonePe.

So now, how do they make money from it?

So the answer is simple. Whenever you buy gold from their app,
they take an extra charge from you.

6.Mutual Fund – Just a short time ago, PhonePe also added an option
to invest in mutual funds in its app.

So how do they make money from it?

So whenever you invest in a mutual fund company [ AMC Company ]
they take a certain percentage of commissions on that
investment from that AMC [ Asset Management Company ] company.

7. UPI Transaction – So PhonePe does not make money from the UPI transactions,
they just analyze your transaction data, which they do to make their new product.

So in this blog, I have told you about the PhonePe business model.
I hope you now know how PhonePe earns money.

Thanks For Reading This Blog.

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