How Google Pay Earns Money ? | Google Pay Business & Revenue Model .
how does google pay earn money ?

How Google Pay Earns Money ? | Google Pay Business & Revenue Model .

today in this blog I will tell you how google pay earns money.

This app is an online money transaction app or UPI payment app.

This app was launched in August 2017.

Google first named this app as “Tez” and later changed the name to Google Pay.

As of 2017, it is currently available in India, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Singapore,

Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This app has over 67 million monthly active users.

This app has enabled more than 2.5 billion transactions and now has
an annual run rate of over US$110 billion in transaction value.

This app users can now pay at more than 200,000 stores in more than 3,500 cities and towns, and more than 2,700
online merchants.

how google pay earns money?


I have divided the business model of google pay in 3 categories.

1. Mobile Recharges – The basic revenue model google pay is mobile recharges.
So how does Google pay make money from recharges?

The answer is simple Whenever a user recharges on any SIM operators from this app,
then they get commission by that operator on every recharges.

How Does Google Pay Earn Money

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2. Bill Payments – if you are using this app you know that You can pay any kind of bills from this app such as electricity,
Dth recharge, water, insurance, loan repayment, postpaid bill, and so on.

Whenever you pay any company bill, it takes a commission from that company.

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3. UPI Transaction – So this app does not earn from the UPI transactions,
they just analyze your transaction data, which they use to make their new product.

And the biggest reason is that most people use this app for UPI payments.
But this app also provides more services such as mobile recharge, bill payment.
so whenever people have to use both these services, they use this app and this app earns from both the services.

So these are how Google pay makes money.
Thank You for reading this blog.

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